Nine Kansas City area executives came out to promote their businesses Wednesday evening, September 14, at the C-Tech Summit’s Pure Pitch Rally, an event started by Fenaroli & Associates founder and CEO Karen Fenaroli to encourage new tech startups, innovation and collaboration in the Kansas City area.

Linda Van Horn, MBA of iShare MedicalSM LLC told how her product, a cradle-to-grave medical record that consolidates all of a person’s medical records in one place, would benefit patients.

Van Horn described how Pat, a breast cancer patient and mother of a good friend, developed acute myeloid leukemia (AML) as a result of her cancer treatment, and later died. The National Institutes of Health has confirmed a link between cancer treatment and the disease. If Pat’s doctor had known, her case might have had a different outcome, Van Horn said.

She described how the country’s current medical record system is flawed with patient health information stored by provider, and how that handicaps information sharing among providers.

Van Horn’s company, iShare MedicalSM, is developing a medical record system that will gather all of a patient’s medical records together and share them with providers. It also will be a resource for predicting healthcare outcomes, helping to save lives.

“We believe no one should have to die because the doctor didn’t have the right information,” she said.